Advocacy Shot for web1LCA defines advocacy as an effort to present a reasoned view of a client’s social, political, ethical or economic concerns about policy or budget practices and priorities.  LCA reviews the hundreds of bills introduced in the General Assembly each year to determine what impact if any they will have on our clients.  Once issues of concern are identified, LCA works with the client to craft interactive strategies to influence outcomes.Bill-tracking short pic

To monitor bill activity, we employ a state of the art tracking system. Committee agendas are tracked weekly.  Rules and regulations proposed or promulgated by state and federal agencies also are monitored as needed.  In addition, LCA staff reviews all hearing notices and attends pertinent hearings.

The LCA Format

1. A strategic plan is developed at the beginning of the client/advocate relationship to serve both long and short-term governmental relations interests.  Core components of the plan are first, a needs assessment, then an action plan and benchmarks to know when desired outcomes are achieved.

Another Advocacy n Hall2. We assist our clients in building firm relationships and contacts among lawmakers or staff, members of the Executive Branch, and throughout the public sector.

3.  We include the use of in-depth research and parliamentary tools – researching legislation, report preparation, written testimony, position papers and memorandum – to ensure effective advocacy for our clients.

4. Finally, we provide accurate, informed analysis and early warning of governmental developments as an additional service that can have a profound effect on client interests.